Hong Kong Company Registration

Our professional team assist in company registration within 24-hour. Followed by one-stop shop service to cover all your need for a proper company setup, from basic documents for the local government, a registered address, handling mails and parcel, to phone answering service.

How much does it cost to register a company in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong Limited Company 

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Hong Kong Limited Company 








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Hong Kong Limited Company 

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FAQs on Setting Up a Business in Hong Kong as a Foreigner

Yes! Hong Kong welcomes foreigners to become directors and shareholders of companies registered here. As a foreigner, you have the flexibility to be the sole director or hire as many directors as you need, without any requirement to have local directors. Additionally, you can also be a shareholder and have other shareholders, who can be people of any nationality or companies.
Once all the necessary documents are ready, it usually takes less than an hour to register a company in Hong Kong. The registration time may vary based on when you provide all the required details and the service hours of the authorities.
A General Employment Visa is a type of working visa sponsored by a specific company to invite foreign professionals to work exclusively for that company in Hong Kong. The duration of the visa is determined by the length of the employment contract.
Yes, every company registered in Hong Kong must have a local address for legal purposes. If you do not have an office address, you can use a service that handles your incoming letters, scans and stores them in your account. Q: What is a Business Registration Certificate?
A Business Registration Certificate is a document that every Hong Kong business must have, and it specifies all the details of your company. It is issued by the Inland Revenue Department of Hong Kong and needs to be renewed annually.
The registration process involves checking the availability of the chosen business name, providing passport copies, and other details of directors and shareholders. After preparing all necessary documents, they are sent to you for electronic signature and submitted to the Companies Registry for registration. The Inland Revenue Department also issues the Business Registration Certificate.
To be eligible for a General Employment Visa, you need to have an offer of employment to fill a genuine vacancy, have a background, experience, and education that fits the job requirements, receive a salary of around HK $40,000-$75,000, and have a clean criminal record to be cleared by security
Yes, every Hong Kong business must have a local resident company secretary responsible for keeping your paperwork in order, making sure all changes in the company are processed correctly, on time and in compliance with local legislation. This role can be performed by an individual or a corporation.